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I am Justin Broadnax, an expert in SEO who is based in Vancouver. I help businesses achieve first page Google rankings for their videos, audios, websites, yelp listings and all their online posts.

Ranking on The First Page: What Does That Mean For Your Business?

More and more potential clients are going online to search for products and services before they make their purchasing decisions. And typically, the clients do not go beyond the first page of Google search results. Therefore, if you are ranked on page one, all these clients will see your website and know about your offers. In turn, you will achieve more traffic to your website, attract more clients, make more sales, and gain more revenue.

Your absence on the first page of Google search results means that your potential clients see your competitors and visit their sites. Consequently, you keep falling behind the competition and keep failing to meet your target sales.

Let me inform you that I can help rank your website on page one of Google search results. I am the number one Vancouver SEO expert and I have assisted numerous Companies achieve ranking’s on the first page in their niches. I will help you achieve just that.

Satisfaction Is my Guarantee

Well, there are many SEO agencies in Vancouver. Each claims to offer the best services. So, why opt for my services? Instead of making loud claims, I show my work to potential clients. For instance, you most likely arrived on this page by searching in google for Search Engine Optimization. I rank on top for the common keywords associated with  SEO in Vancouver and no agency currently does what I do…

Why you need search engine optimization?

SEO generates TARGETED natural traffic. And you do not pay to be seen by your potential clients. Therefore, my most critical task is to multiply your returns on investment (ROI) and allow you to get more sales for a lesser marketing budget. By ranking your website on first page of Google, you will compete more favorably and achieve your marketing goals.

I have assembled a talented, competent and experienced team to have the ranking accomplished efficiently. We understand the rules and know how to rank websites for exceptional results quickly. In fact, no other agency can offer you what we guarantee.

Watch This Short Video to get an understanding of what Search engine optimization is:

What are the costs involved?

I know the subtle things that make businesses different. Therefore, I offer services that are strictly specific to the exact needs of each business. This is why I conduct thorough consultations with business owners prior to starting my work.

Since some businesses are bigger than others, their online marketing budgets are different. Moreover, each brand that we deal with requires different amount of work to rank on the first page. Therefore, we give prices according to the business budget, target keywords, and the complexity of work involved. Nonetheless, our prices remain very competitive and suitable for a broad range of businesses.

Furthermore, you can rest assured that you will be working with a Local Vancouver SEO agency that actually care about  its clients. We only work with few clients in order to give their businesses our best attention. Hence, we guarantee maximum results.

So what’s the next step?

I would love to have a chat with you and come up with a plan to Generate More Traffic and Sales for your Company.

Send me an email at Apply@JustinBroadnax.com with the following details:

a. Business name

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c. Monthly revenue

d. SEO budget

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f. Appropriate time to call you

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Justin Broadnax

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